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BHCC Golf COVID-19 Prevention Protocols

We have good news for golf at Blue Hill Country Club. Governor Mills announced on Tuesday April 28, 2020 that golf courses will be able to open with restrictions under the first phase of reopening the State starting May 1, 2020.  Blue Hill Country Club plans to open for golf in Mid May - and tennis by the end of May.  We will be following the restrictions and guidelines outlined by the State of Maine and the CDC.

Please Note the Following Changes:

  • Tee time intervals will be every 15 minutes

  • No guests will be allowed on the course at this time.

  • All members MUST reserve a tee time or tennis court IN ADVANCE of arriving at the club. 

  • Golfers can only start their round from hole #1

  • Practice areas may not be used.

  • Golfers may only arrive 10 minutes prior to tee time. 

  • The entire clubhouse will be closed for the month of May. This includes all amenities (including the beach).

  • All "out of State visitors" to Maine must complete the required fourteen day self quarantine prior to using the golf course and tennis courts. 

Below we have outlined the new guidelines that we will be implementing and following as we open.  {Tee time bookings will open up online as soon as the golf course is open.  


We are excited to open, however we want to stress the importance of  safety for our staff and customers. In order to remain open, everyone must continue social distancing, wear cloth face coverings in public settings where physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain.  To ensure the safety of our members, staff will follow CDC and state protocols.  Staff will be wearing face coverings when interacting with customers, wearing gloves and following the social distancing recommendation (6 feet).

The new guidelines we have put into place may change daily to align with the State of Maine and CDC recommendations.  Any new guidelines or information will be communicated as updates to the rules and restrictions when they become available.

As a sport that prides itself on playing by the rules, following the rules of social distancing in golf are of the utmost importance today.

Rules and Restrictions:

  1. Follow proper social distancing protocol at all times, remaining at least 6 feet from players and golf course staff at all times.

  2. Players to wear cloth face coverings when talking with staff or when unable to maintain physical distancing including during course of play. Violators of this rule may be subject to penalty including suspension or being asked to leave the course.

  3. Only members may golf at BHCC per State of Maine Executive Order. Out-of-State golfers may play golf once they have satisfied the 14 day quarantine requirement as outlined in the Maine Executive Order. Guest play for both Tennis and Golf is not permitted at this time. 

  4. Only the golf course and tennis courts will remain open. The clubhouse is closed, including the Pro Shop, restaurant, and bag storage and locker rooms.

  5. Tee times will be 15-minute intervals.

  6. All reservations must be booked online or over the phone. Violators of this rule may be subject to penalty including suspension or being asked to leave the course.

  7. NO walk-ins will be accepted during the State’s Stage 1 Opening.

  8. Walk-ons after club hours are also strictly prohibited. 

  9. People can only play golf in the county they live in; although members of golf courses who live in a different county may play at their home club.

  10.  No more than four people to a tee time.   

  11.  All players must remain in their car(s) until ten minutes prior to their tee time.

  12.  All players must leave the Club's premises immediately after playing their game of golf or tennis. 

  13. The full State of Maine restrictions can be accessed by clicking here

If you have any trouble booking online, please call (207) 374-2271 to book your tee time

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